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Volda is on the map! (Oh, and Ørsta as well)

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Happy new year! I’m back from a lengthy holiday back west where I come from – Volda, center of my universe. Oh Volda, dear Volda, this time you weren’t so gentle with me; caught the vomiting virus and literally emptied my stomach into the great white open. (Ever tried vomiting nothing for half a day? Not nice, I tell you.) I lost five kilos in a moment, but thanks to my mother in law’s Spanish cooking they came back on in a day or two upon arrival in Madrid (that other center of the universe).

Now this lovely introduction was just to let the world know that in between all the stomach activities I managed to officially put Volda on the map. The Open Street Map, that is.

I borrowed my brother’s GPS (and car) and went for a spin, and came back with a .gpx trajectory that with a few adjustments turned into a neat little map of the area’s highlights (i.e. downtown Volda and Ørsta plus the roads to the two ski resorts – my entire universe for quite some years). And you know what? It was really fun!

I’m beginning to see what this entire Magellan/Columbus/de Gama/Marco Polo/Neil Armstrong thing is all about. I think I’ll become an explorer when I grow up.

For those of you interested in becoming like me when you grow up, here’s the OSM wiki.

Written by Anders Sundnes Løvlie

Monday, January 7, 2008 at 10:06

Posted in Locative media

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